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Times Lost

Well to start with I am Irish, but I spent my teenage years in London and only came home a couple of years ago. Since then I`ve lived a so called normal life and now i just want to scream at everyone. So to deal with this I`ve decided to become me again and in-brace all that I am. "what are you?" I hear you say, well I`m in need of a good night out (not just sex but, good music and conversation). Growing up in London meant going to clubs like Slim light and the Electric Ballroom, drinking in Camden Town on Sunday. I haven`t even found any where to shop (music, clothing, etc), maybe I`m just not looking hard enough.

Some of you might say that not hard, but I live in a one horse town (and no cart for the horse), small minded people surround me with no idea of the out side world.

Her eyes betray her intent,
and yet it is I who can not move.

Her touch of my skin is hot,
and yet it freezes my mind.

Her kiss releases her poison,
and I feel my heart pound.

Her bit commands my being to yelled,
and I bow to her will.

Her poison flows through my veins,
heart, mind and even my soul.

Her power over me is now complete,
is this what they call love????

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